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 Caitlin Grey is a singer and songwriter in the Celtic tradition. Caitlin's voice has been described as 'having the ease of a folk singer with the refined muscle of a classical artist.' The Celtic Music Fan

Although Caitlin does not describe herself as a singer of any genre in particular, she loves to sing all types of music and can be found dipping her toe into many a different style. 'Music is music and I love it all', she says. Caitlin’s vocal repertoire is impressive, ranging from classical to traditional folk and pop, and, of course, heavily influenced by the Celtic tradition. With strong family roots from Ireland and Wales, the melodies and themes of Caitlin’s music conjure up the dramatic landscapes and wild coastlines of her ancestral homelands, as well as the richness of her Celtic heritage.

Caitlin’s Work and Inspiration

Although Caitlin’s trademark is her haunting, ethereal voice, she is also a gifted lyricist and prolific songwriter. Drawing on her love of myth and folklore and her scholarship of the oral tradition, as well as her own admiration of the strength and resilience of the human spirit, Caitlin explores the themes of love and loss, hope and desire, sacrifice and betrayal. Working in collaboration with accomplished writer/producer Neil Harvey, also a published musician in his own right, Caitlin has created a stunning collection of 12 original tracks in her debut album, Siren's Song, winning 'Best Celtic Album' 2013 at the LadyLake Music Awards in the U.S.

Having taken far too long a break, Caitlin came back with a brand new album The Promise  which was released to rave reviews. The Promise  features eight beautiful new original tracks along with four gorgeous versions of Caitlin's favourite traditional songs, including the widely acclaimed She Moved Through The Fair