Royalty free Licence

Our non-exclusive STANDARD licence allows you, the licensee, to use the Recording worldwide in perpetuity with an unlimited number of Projects.
For the purpose of this licence, a Project is defined as a production which makes use of new media or multimedia platforms, and includes but is not limited to online videos, videos on social media, company websites and video sharing sites, Internet advertisements, corporate training videos, online tutorials, e-learning tools, slideshows, internal corporate presentations, and website background music.

This licence includes use of the Recording commercially with monetized videos on YouTube.

This licence includes use of the Recording in FREE iOS, Android, or online applications and games, as well as the duplication of the Recording in up to 1,000 COPIES OR DOWNLOADS IN TOTAL of applications, games, podcasts, DVDs or other video or audio productions that generate revenue through sales, advertising, or any other method.

This licence also includes use of the Recording in non-commercial film and theatrical productions.
It DOES NOT ALLOW you, the licensee to re-sell the music or claim credit for the composition.
Unless the proper additional licence is purchased, this licence DOES NOT INCLUDE use of the Recording in a commercial film or theatrical production or in a television, radio, or in-theatre broadcast or advertisement.

Copyright Sapphire Music Productions 2016 - All Rights Reserved
If you have purchased your track & your licence does not arrive automatically, please click on the link below to download your Standard ROYALTY FREE LICENCE
Sapphire Music Productions_Standard_Royalty_Free_Licence Our Standard Royalty Free Licence PDF 32.7 KB

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to pay royalties to collection agencies?
    No, all of our tracks are ROYALTY FREE which means that once you have paid for your licence, that's it!
2. In what format are the tracks downloaded?
   All tracks are high quality Mp3s. However WAV files are available on request. 
 3. My licence hasn't downloaded, where is it?
 If your licence doesn't download with your track, please either contact us or simply click the download your licence from this page (just above), the Music page or the Home page. Scroll down the page until you find it.
4. Do you compose custom tracks?
Yes, we most certainly do! Please contact us to see how we can help you.
5. YouTube are claiming copyright infringement on the track I used?
  This will be an error, as none of Sapphire Music Productions tracks are in YouTube's content ID system. Please contest the claim and provide Youtube with your licence as evidence. If they continue with the claim, please direct them to us and we will sort it out.
6. Do I have to credit you on my project?
No you don't have credit us, however, if you would like to give us a shout out, we'd be very happy indeed!
 7. Do you provide vocals on tracks?
Yes we can provide both female and male vocals on custom music. Royalty free vocal tracks will be coming to the site very soon.